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MSI2C2: The Formula to Success!

Thank you for attending MSI2C2: The Formula to Success!
The free, virtual 2-day conference has ended; however, you can access recordings of most sessions and handouts from many of the sessions by clicking on the hyperlinks on the grid. 

2024 TMIP MSI2C2 Conference
Tuesday, February 13
9:00a-10:15a Opening General Session Recording
  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Recording Empowering MEP Staff: Optimizing Sharing COEs Enrollment Processes for Migratory Students Implementation of iSOSY’s Instructional Material: Making it Work for Your Program Opportunities for Migrant High School Graduates through HEP and CAMP
Handouts Session 1: Empowering MEP Staff_ Optimizing Sharing COEs Enrollment Processes for Migratory Students.pptx.pdf Texas Training 2.2024  
Presenter(s) Monica Aguirre, Dinorah Cortinas, and Rosa Isela Anaya, Region 4 ESC Tracie Kalic, iSOSY Andrea Garcia and Jaime Miranda, UTRGV CAMP -- Edinburg
  Session 4 Session 5 Session 6
Recording Supporting Students, Parents, & Families through the TXEL Web Portal’s Resources Meet Program Partners at the Texas Workforce Commission: A Guide to Who We Serve and What We Do STAAR Program Overview and Resources
Handouts Supporting English Learners Through the TXEL Portal.pdf AEL 101_TMIP  
    TMIP Conference.pdf  
Presenter(s): Sharon Santo, ESC-20 and Rickey Santellana, TEA Mahalia Baldini, Lorena Knight, and Horacio Lopez Montes, TWC Rachel Griffin, TEA
  Session 7 Session 8 Session 9
Recording Actionable Data: The NCFH Farm Labor Data Dashboard Texas RioGrande Legal Aid - Community Resource Panel de discusión del PAC para migrantes de Texas / Texas Migrant PAC Panel Discussion
Handouts   2.13.23 TMIP Presentation.pdf  
Presenter(s) Josue Ruiz, NCFH Doris Garcia Ruiz, TRLA Maria Retana, Josie Mendoza, and Claudia Castañeda, Texas State PAC
Wednesday, February 14
  Session 10 Session 11 Session 12
Recording The Critical Role of the MEP in the Transferring and Accruing of High School Credits for Graduation Using IDRC's Student and Family Learning Portal Taking the Next Steps with the AIIMS Portal
Handouts The MEP Role - Interstate Coordination Impacts Secondary Credit Accrual - TMIP - 2.14.24 Final Student and Family Resource Portal & Achievery Resources.pdf What You Need to Know About the AIIMS Portal.pdf
Presenter(s) Patricia Meyertholen, OME Jessica Castaneda, IDRC Sharon Santo, ESC-20 and Idalia Ibanez, TEA
  Session 13 Session 14 Session 15
Recording Utilizing Data to Increase Inter/Intrastate Coordination: The Importance of TX-NGS and MSIX High School Equivalency Program FREE GED Services What You Need To Know: FAFSA / TASFA 2024-25 and beyond
Handouts Sharable Copy TMIP_2024 (1).pdf UTRGV HEP Presentation RGV FOCUS FAFSA TASFA Presentation post launch.pdf
Presenter(s) Nez Paniagua, TEA and Karim Briseno, ESC-1 Clarissa Garza, UTRGV HEP Gina Moraida, RGV FOCUS
  Session 16 Session 17 Session 18
Recording Digital Resources to Support Migratory Parents and Families TEA Curriculum Update Data Dance: Mining and Reporting for Maximum Impact!
Handouts   TMIP TEA Curriculum Update February 2024.pdf 2024_TMIP Data Dance_Mining and Reporting for Maximum Impact.pdf
Presenter(s) Jeremy Poston, ESC-20 and Idalia Ibanez, TEA Jessica Snyder, TEA Martha Hinojosa, Veronica Rodriguez, and Nelly Pecina, ESC-1
2:30p-3:30p Closing General Session/Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anabel Rodriguez Recording