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Mission Statement & Purpose

The mission of the Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP) is to help reduce the effects of educational disruption that Texas’ mobile, migratory students often face as they migrate intrastate/interstate to seek qualifying temporary or seasonal employment in the agriculture or fishing industry.


The TMIP’s staff assists migratory students, their families, school counselors, and intrastate/interstate MEP staff. TMIP works with them to ensure that:                                          

  • a student's critical information is shared securely
  • students are placed in appropriate courses/grade levels
  • secondary credit accrual needs are met for on-time graduation from high school


The TMIP coordinates with states receiving Texas’ migratory students to afford the student an equal opportunity to take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) as non-migratory students.


The purpose of the Texas Migrant Education Program is to provide migratory children with the opportunity to meet the same challenging State content and performance standards that the State has established for all children, as well as to ensure migratory children who move among the States are not penalized in any manner by disparities among the States in curriculum, graduation requirements, and challenging State academic standards. (ESSA, Sec. 1301 [20 U.S.C. 6391]).